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Win Projects that Make Money

One of the most important items to have in a construction subcontracting business is a good estimating procedure. If your estimating processes are lacking, you may be winning projects but losing money, or you may struggle to win any projects because you are not the low bidder. Estimating is an art and a science, and there is a fine line on how to estimate different types of projects. Atalanta will evaluate your current estimating practice, and then take your estimating processes from good to great to mastery using our unique delivery process.

Estimating: Services

Your consultation with us will deliver:

  • Reduced project risk on bids.

  • Improved team efficiency allowing for increased bidding opportunities.

  • More accurate processes to takeoff, enter, and review bids to better insure accuracy.

  • Best Practices for the all important bid day.

  • Automated cost calculations to improve speed and accuracy before bid delivery.

  • Detailed cost application to estimating units.

  • Project Specific: Estimate Cost Analysis

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