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Get Paid for What You're Owed

Unfortunately, claims are becoming increasingly common in the construction industry. No one likes going to claim, but if your company does, your team is in for a long process of gathering data to prove the impact to your company. Typically, the one with the most complete data wins the claim. Too many times companies settle for pennies on the dollar because they don't have the time and resources needed to properly prepare a "winning" claim. Contractors need to spend their efforts on building that next project, not on building a claim.

Atalanta Enterprises has years of experience dealing with construction project claims. We have developed processes to investigate, prepare, submit, and negotiate claims. We have worked exclusively in the subcontractor industry and can provide specific advantages as an outside, objective observer to accurately acquire the data needed to get your company the most from the claim.

Claim Management: Services


  1. Investigate

  2. Prepare

  3. Submit

  4. Negoatiate


  • Review Project Estimates

  • Interview Project Team

  • Jobsite Visits

  • Review Project Contract

  • Review Project Schedules

  • Review Pay Applications

  • Review Certified Payroll

  • Review Meeting Notes

  • Review Daily Logs

  • Quantify Damages

  • Measured Mile Analysis

Claim Management: List
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