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Peak Performance Program™

Mastery Assessment

Finding mastery in your business practices is critical to profitable growth and becoming the leader in your market. Our Mastery Assessment conducts a comprehensive review of your practices and scores your performance against the benchmark of being a master in your discipline. We’ll provide detailed reports, along with ideas for task oriented, actionable items to help improve your performance.


We provide active, on-going coaching to assist your team in reaching peak performance. Coaching programs are tailored to your company’s specific needs and provide real results which translate to improved company processes, performance and profits.

Follow-up Assessments

Quality consultations require follow-up to review the suitability of, and progress toward, goals and to bring accountability to the action plan. We provide follow-up assessments tailored to your specific needs that will ensure the team and company are making positive changes that will bring you to a position of leadership in your market.

Procedure Enhancement

Atalanta will evaluate critical processes, and provide a time-tested “road map” for optimizing these processes thereby facilitating your business’ success.

Project Specific Assistance

Sales & Business Development

If you ever find yourself going after that lucrative project that you want to put every effort into winning, Atalanta will be there to assist and provide their professional insight. We can assist and guide you in your technical approach, sales strategy, proposal writing, and closing the deal.


Atalanta will analyze individual project estimates, and offer non-biased thoughts based upon our experience. To further the analysis, we can provide a comparison estimate. We will help you win that next lucrative project.

Project Management

If you have a project that is in danger of going in the red, and you can’t quite pinpoint why it is losing money or how to fix it, Atalanta will help using our scientific and data analytic approach.

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